The Dying Process

Life is just a preparation for dying and those are wise who learn in their lives how to die. If you

don’t know how to die, you have missed the whole meaning of life. It is a preparation, it is a

training, it is a discipline.


The dying process is very similar to the birthing process.

As we are born on Earth, we die from the dimension our soul came from. And when we die here, we are born into a different world or dimension of reality. Both processes require a gestation period before entering or exiting the world. Being born is the body’s first physical experience and dying is its last.

Both birthing and dying experiences can be made

  1. spiritual and blissful
  2. neutral
  3. or a horrific and painful experience for all involved

Both processes create feelings of helplessness for the new and “old” born, and both processes may be used to bring family and friends together to create meaningful and beautiful memories.

A person’s personality shapes how they die. For example, a very introverted personality may want to die alone whereas an extrovert may want a gregarious send off.

Fear of the final death experience often times creates restlessness.

How long does it take for someone to pass who is considered terminal? This could take weeks, months or years and is often dependent on “unfinished business.” Our mind and emotions give us some control over our soul exiting the body. Most often, a dying member waits to die for the family’s unresolved hidden issues to be addressed to bring emotional and mental closure for the dying member.

Pain and suffering is experienced by most. Pain is physical while suffering is mental and emotional. Physical pain may be exacerbated by the suffering. Western Hospice often administers a pain medication solution whereby the physical pain would be more effectively treated soothing the mind and emotions through death education and addressing the emotional issues of loss. While comfort care is important in the final stage, the emotional, mental and spiritual care is the most nurturing.

Bliss To Infinity

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