Life Affirming Programs

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How can we make the dying process one that becomes life affirming and celebratory?

The answer lies in how we perceive the process. Most people in our current society are dying unconsciously with feelings of fear and existential suffering. Once we remove fear from the experience, we can observe the experience and learn to embrace it.

Our custom programs aim to create a shift in the patient’s perspective of “Fighting to Stay Alive” into “Honorably Receiving Death” as a Rite of Passage.

We create a custom rite of passage program based on the patient’s personality, family situation, lifestyle, and belief system with the following ingredients:

  1. Understanding: We aim to fully understand the patient and family to create a healing program that meets the wholistic needs and of everyone involved.
  2. Support: we provide the emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric support for the patient that goes beyond the physical care and nurtures the dying process.
  3. Education: Giving the patient death education is the key to neutralizing fear. Neutralizing fear associated with dying and death is one of our major goals. Anyone can deal with just about anything if they know what to expect. The unknown is always worse in our imagination. We educate the families, facilities, caregivers, and or hospice in communication, the dying process, custom comfort care, as well as legal rights, options and opportunities that otherwise may have been missed.
  4. Empowerment: we create decision making opportunities for the patient to play an integral role in their dying process.
  5. Guidance: we guide the patient through the “letting go” process both on the physical plane (belongings, people, places, experiences) and on the emotional, mental and etheric plane of finally “allowing” the soul to exit the body.
  6. Creativity: we create custom service offerings to meet the individual patient’s cognitive functions, physical capabilities, as well as emotional and spiritual needs.
  7. Research: we research state codes and legal aspects of care or body disposal for legal integrity.

What makes our Program so memorable?

Professional Photography

Historical picture catalog of end of life ceremonies and final experiences.


Our Historian builds a final memory preservation catalog of your loved one that chronicles their last experiences, letters, final meaningful family engagements and the funeral or burial service.

img3Digital Documentation

Any digital audio or video recordings will be privately posted online to your family’s You Tube channel.

Final Deliverables

Soul Charts

Letters to Loved Ones

Life Review Documentation

Memory Preservation of end of life care and Photo Book

Bliss To Infinity

Meaningful Transitions. Unifying Families.

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