Conscious Dying Process

In our Western culture, most people are “unconsciously dying” which means they are usually in one of the stages of dying other than Acceptance and are fighting to hold on to most aspects of their physical life without consciously paving their dying process as a Rite of Passage into their next form of existence.

The following table identifies key elements of both unconscious and conscious dying categories.


Dying is existential suffering
Dying as a Rite of Passage

Feels isolated and lonely
Derives comfort from solitude

Losing old identity causes anxiety and or depression
Lets go of old identity and accepts the new

Feels isolated and lonely
Derives comfort from solitude

Family ignores loved one
Family uses the loved one’s dying process as a time of connecting

Feels disconnected from and rejected by the world
Lets go of the material world

Reflects on one’s life with judgment or regrets
Reflects on one’s life with acceptance

Resists guidance and counsel
Seeks guidance and counsel

Uncertain and fearful about the future
Uncertain and excited about the future

Worries about being punished by a judging God or impersonal universe
Accepts death of both the physical and the ego

Fears Death
Is comforted by knowledge of a loving God & friendly universe

Bliss To Infinity

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