Transition Facilitation

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Why Transition Facilitation?

img1Transitioning out of our physical body is a natural life process we all face. Supporting and acknowledging our loved one through their experience is the most loving action we can do.

Transition Facilitator

Meet with Kendra to create a family ceremonial vision for your personal or beloved ones transition experience. We are here to help unify the family at the time of transition by first creating a healthy dialogue about what that will look like and what definitive roles people of the family would like to partake in during their beloved’s last moments.

Custom Ascension Package

Tingsha chimes, healing crystals, singing bowls, essential oils, meditative sounds, room mists, and many more items to choose from.

Transition Facilitation

In the final 24-72 hours of your beloved’s life, our Facilitator will unify the family with the Rite of Passage Ceremony that has been created specifically for your family unit. If the dying member would like privacy with the facilitation for their experience and has communicated this request we will honor that as well.

Performing Final Rites – Unwinding and Sealing the Chakras

The Final Rites are performed after the person has died. Our Transition Facilitator will release the luminous body and seal the chakras immediately after death.

img2Ideally this step should be performed immediately after the person passes, and no later than forty hours after the final breath. Immediately after death the chakras begin to release the luminous threads that once connected them to events from the past.

The Final Rites of the Great Spiral will assist in loosening the chakras and setting the luminous body free. Because the energy in the chakras is changing very rapidly, we disengage them following the arc of a spiral, with the heart at the center. Each chakra must be spun counter-clockwise.

The Final Rites of Sealing the Chakras are then performed so that the luminous body does not re-enter the physical shell or become contaminated by the energy residues in the body.

For Transition Facilitation, please contact 310.270.9486.


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Sample Transition Facilitation Bedside Program for final 72 hours with family

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