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Kendra’s background is caregiving. Coming from a family of nurses (mother, father, grandmother and aunt), Kendra was inculcated to senior care by taking care of her grandfather with Parkinson’s disease and then became a full time aid at an 8 person communal home for adult mentally and physically disabled with Woodhaven in Columbia, MO. She understands everyone requires individualized care that cohesively integrates their emotional-mental-physical capabilities, spiritual belief system, and family.

Kendra is a 15-year bodywork therapist and entrepreneur of mobile holistic services for LA’s celebrities with event planning and team management experience. She has a database plethora of holistic service providers with her Healing Arts Community Xchange, an online barter network.

In 2009, Kendra realized how necessary new strategies were for the dying as her aunt passed in ICU without proper holistic support for her transition process or for the family. This was a catalyst to deeply study the dying experience, become Twilight Brigade Certified to support someone while they passed, a Hospice volunteer, etheric soul transition facilitator through From the Heart Institute, and presently is interning with LA based Sacred Crossings for assisting the loved one and their family in home vigil services.

Bliss 2 Infinity was created in 2012 to provide seniors with holistic therapies, unique companion services and transition facilitation programs. After working with seniors and families, more unmet needs became apparent including the mental and emotional preparation for everyone involved when a family member is faced with a debilitating or terminal illness, and therefore, Kendra will complete the Conscious Dying Institute’s communications coaching program in June of 2016 to better support families in every step of their relating process.

Let Kendra guide you on your journey of discovering a new joyful way to experience end of life through custom care, holistic companionship and familial support. Her vision is for you to experience Bliss to Infinity.

Aged Goddesses

The crones – our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, old friends, and teachers
walk arm in arm in pairs,
Each one supporting the other on the old cobble-stoned streets.
They are squat, stout with veiny legs and thick ankles,
Their bare feet in flat sandals showing jagged toenails
Or clothed in thick hose and wide Oxfords.
Some move slowly barely able to walk, clutching each other for support.
They are perfectly coifed. Their hair short and bleached hide their age
But not too much.
They wear suits with skirts always below the knees.
Jeans just don’t do.
They talk as they walk
Closely together.
Almost in a whisper they solve the world’s problems,
Impart their age-old wisdom, or decide what they’ll cook for dinner.
They wear their age as an example.
Softly, simply, elegantly
They are our muse.
They don’t hide but rejoice in their age.
They thrive in their togetherness.
That’s what counts.
They aren’t alone as they walk
They walk together
As we follow behind.
~ Madeline Sharples

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Bliss To Infinity

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