Healer Services

Care Advocacy Education

Our Philosophy: we advocate for the patient, the caretakers and the family.

We educate family and caretakers on proper self-care as well as conscious body awareness while moving another body so everybody is safe.

We assess a patient’s optimal individualized care and instruct caretakers to optimize a dependent recipient’s experience. We perform weekly care monitoring to ensure individualized care is correctly being implemented, additional changes to care are addressed by removing or adding new regimens based on physical decline or any part of care that is no longer applicable.

Document Creation: We create communication tactics to educate all parties involved with care management.

Massage Therapy

Circulatory (Swedish Massage): improves circulation and lowers blood pressure

Lymphatic Drainage: swelling and inflammation reduction

Ethereal Bodywork: for emotional support, transition preparation

Craniosacral Bodywork: assists to reduce depression, headaches, neck pain

Oscillation: addresses limb stagnation and circulation

Myofascial Release: to release areas of chronic pain with slow, glacial touch

Trigger Point Therapy: referred pain or muscle spasms

Feng Shui

Home Cleansing: wall tapping, psychic energy healing, Lightwork Invocations to cleanse the home space of painful vibrational energies where your loved one may have faced a serious illness or passed away; this is a must for any space planned for resale.

Transition Space: Preparing your loved one for their unique and uplifting transition first begins with creating a healing space for them to spend their final moments surrounded by a positive sensory environment.

For Healing Services for your loved one, please contact 310.270.9486.


Bliss To Infinity

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