The 5 Tasks of the Dying

Our relationships with those we love are the most important thing in life. On our deathbed, nothing of the material world will matter. The most important thing will be the people who are close to us now, the people we had a relationship with in the past, and the memories in our hearts.

  1. Ask for Forgiveness
    “Please Forgive Me”
    For a physical wound to heal all dirt and infected tissues have to be washed away; for an emotional wound to heal, all the toxic material between two people needs to be washed away. The best way to cleanse your relationships of their toxic pasts is to seek forgiveness.
  2. Offer Forgiveness
    “I Forgive You”
    Forgiving someone isn’t excusing that person’s behavior. Forgiving is relieving ourselves of the burden of anger and resentment that we carry because they hurt us. This burden makes living, and especially dying, more difficult. Saying ‘I forgive you’ sets our spirit free. If a phone call, letter or e-mail offering forgiveness is not possible, simply send the person unconditional love and acceptance from your heart. 
    Remember…Forgiving our self for anything we may have said or done that brought harm to others, is the ultimate act of self-kindness. Practice feeling self-acceptance and self-love every day.
  3. Offer Gratitude
    “Thank you”
    We often assume our loved ones know how thankful we are for all they have done for us without actually saying the words. The truth is, often our loved ones really don’t know how much we appreciate them. Find something to be thankful for in every relationship in your life. Feel the gratitude and if possible, express it to the person. When we feel gratitude and appreciation, our heart creates a perfect wave-form putting the whole body into a state of vibrant peace. When in the active dying process, feeling gratitude can help to relieve pain and anxiety and induce peace.
  4. Offer Love
    “I Love You”
    Love for others is the most natural and important of human emotions, but saying the words “I love you” can be incredibly difficult for many people to say. The 5 ways to show love are: words, touch, gifts, quality time and actions. If words are difficult, encourage a dying person to find their own unique way of saying ‘I Love you’.
  5. Say Goodbye
    Goodbye is a powerful necessity for many dying people. There are unlimited meaningful ways to say goodbye. The mother who bought and wrapped presents for her daughter to open on every birthday and her wedding day; the child who wrote his parents a book of poems; the father who made a video diary for his children chronicling his life and professing his love for them. Encouraging someone to find their own unique way to say goodbye is a powerful gift.

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