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…  If one is interested in human behavior, in the adaptations and defenses that humans have in order to cope with stress, death is the place to learn about it. For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death.


Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

One on One Support

Has your loved one just been diagnosed “terminal”? Has your loved one declined and is now assigned to Hospice, but you do not know how to let them know?

It is difficult to discuss these things with your dying friend or family member. Communication coaching is essential to increase the family’s communication mindfulness, conversational confidence and to help guide you to know what to say and how to say it each step of the dying process.

Scripting your communication before visitations is highly recommended to realize closure with your dying loved one in the most creative and connective way possible.

Our conversation will help you to reflect on how to connect, communicate and comfort your loved one. After our phone conversation, we can plan your script via email.

For over the phone coaching, please call Kendra at 310.980.1128 or 310.270.9486.

Family & Friend Interactive Support

For family integrative support, a custom 3 hour interactive and fun coaching session is recommended!

Collectively we will identify individual fears, values, and ways of creating unique meaningful connections. With this session, the family will learn positive coping strategies for grief and loss. We will guide loved ones to share openly and offer compassion enhancing techniques for offering your loved one caring, healing behaviors.

With this family support method, death education is facilitated through empathic processes.

Interactive coaching sessions are recommended for medium to large families with children and supports groups of 3 – 20 people.

For a no cost consultation on an interactive coaching session, proposal and preliminary planning, please call Kendra at 310.980.1128 or 310.270.9486.

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